Angeline Guido Hall

Being able to offer renderings to our clients has completely elevated the level of our service as an interior designer. Not only is it helpful for our clients to have a true understanding of the design of their construction project in 3D, but the surprise and shock in their faces to see their space for the first time in such a lifelike way is so rewarding and you can just see a sigh of relief come over them. Jamie's renderings have taken our business to the next level with our clients in terms of getting designs approved quicker and for the client to be able to move forward with peace of mind. Working with Jamie is such a breeze for my team and me. She is so attentive, detail-oriented, very communicative, and always quick to turn around the work. She is consistently fast to respond to our emails and is extremely thorough in making sure she understands every element of our design. I truly have never seen such realistic renderings in my life and everyone we show them to cannot believe that they aren't photographs of beautifully completed projects. I would highly recommend engaging Projected Spaces in your next design project!