How Many Round Of Revisions Are Included?

Each view is inclusive of two (2) rounds of minor revisions only. As our quotations are calculated and based on the workload of the project that was initially presented and quoted, there will be an additional charge for the exceeding revisions or changes.


Additional modeling or changes for individual elements (i.e., furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, structural changes, etc.. ) requiring additional man-hours are chargeable at $25/hour.


Changes that will require us to re-work the angles, layout, and light direction after approval in Phase 1 will be considered as a major revision and/or as an additional view which will incur an additional charge of 70% of the project’s per-view rate.


If you need to provide design options for your client, let us know at the beginning so we can give you a discounted rate on the second option.


*Please note that any revisions will or might affect the turnaround time (TAT).