Exterior Rendering Services


Exterior renderings are responsible for boosting property development and help potential buyers to observe the best feature of the property even before it is built.

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Brookside Village – Elevation C

Brookside Village – Elevation B

Brookside Village – Elevation A

Oakland Project

Exterior Rendering FAQs


For the accuracy of models, as a standard we need:

  • CAD Drawings
    • Floor Plan
    • Elevation
    • Site Plan
    • Door & Window Schedule
    • Material & Finishes Schedule
    • Landscape plan (if custom selection)


This varies from project to project. Each project is vastly different from one another, so prices vary a lot depending on the level of customization and complexity of the design. Our proposals are based on the workload we undertake and on our client’s requirements.


Exterior renderings usually start at $ 200/view.


If you’re looking for a more tailored quotation for your project, fill out the quotation request form and send us the design brief via e-mail.





The turnaround time varies from project to project. It will depend on the size, complexity of the models & number of views needed. Another major consideration is our availability. The more “realistic” the render is expected, the more time it would take. Interior rendering scenes take longer to model and render than exterior scenes. It has more assets, has lots of textures, lots of light sources, and lots of light bouncing which takes more calculation and time to render.

For exterior rendering, we require a minimum of 1-week turnaround time and may require more time based on the complexity of your project and our current workload.





Each view is inclusive of two (2) rounds of minor revisions only. As our quotations are calculated and based on the workload of the project that was initially presented and quoted, there will be an additional charge for the exceeding revisions or changes.


Additional modeling or changes for individual elements (i.e., furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, structural changes, etc.. ) requiring additional man-hours are chargeable at $25/hour.


Changes that will require us to re-work the angles, layout, and light direction after approval in Phase 1 will be considered as a major revision and/or as an additional view which will incur an additional charge of 70% of the project’s per-view rate.


If you need to provide design options for your client, let us know at the beginning so we can give you a discounted rate on the second option.


*Please note that any revisions will or might affect the turnaround time (TAT).

    All communications must be done via email for the record.

A 50% down payment is required before proceeding with Phase I. The final payment of the remaining balance shall be paid upon completion before you receive the files without watermarks.



At the moment, we only accept payments through PayPal.



Projected Spaces owns the render, but the image is licensed to the client upon payment in full. The client may use the image however he or she sees fit. We also reserve the rights to use the completed renders solely for the purpose of promoting or exemplifying our 3D visualization services in our social media pages, online portfolios, awards or exhibits.

I’m based in Manila, Philippines (UTC +8h) but I work across time zones. My working hours are from 09:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. so communication won’t be a problem.

I do 3D modeling in Sketchup which most Interior Designers use and VRay for rendering. I use Adobe Photoshop for post-production. I’m also exploring other 3D modeling and rendering software.

Most of my clients provide 3D models. However, due to the compatibility issues, model quality, and the resolution of textures applied, the 3D files cannot be used directly. Since this will affect the quality of the final image, it is still better to start the model from scratch. I can use the provided model as a reference to build a more detailed model.