3D Modeling Services


Product manufacturers seldom provide 3D models of their products and although there are lots of online 3D libraries they rarely have the exact piece that you need. Oftentimes, you might find a similar one online but you still need to tweak them yourself, or worse you’ll just settle with the one you found and just explain it to your client. 3D modeling is a tedious job that requires a considerable amount of time and skills that you may not have.

Can’t find a specific 3D product model online? Or do you have a piece of custom furniture, appliance, accessory, light fixture, or even equipment that needs to be recreated in 3D? Just send us the manufacturer’s specs or product link and we’ll recreate them for you.

We also offer full 3D modeling for interior scenes & 3D rendering for custom products.

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Andover Wingback Chair

Fields Cane Back Black and White

Baker Modern Moment Bedside Table

Food Cart

West Slope Sconce

Vintage Wall Lamp

Lundy Hang

Signature Hardware Achard Solid Brass Cup Pull

Regina Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier

Facial Steamer

DAAZ S-Line 1106

West Elm Carbon Framed Chair

Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman Modern 2 Light Pendant

Ruvati Roma Undermount Stainless Steel Single Basin with Kohler Crue Single Hole Semiprofessional PreRinse Kitchen Faucet with 3-Function Spray Head

Flynn Bar Stool

Hendricks Large Globe Pendant

Product Modeling FAQs

  • What information is needed to get started?
    In order to produce 3D renderings and provide you with a customized quotation, we appreciate as much design content and information as possible.

    • CAD Drawings: (Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Elevations) 
    • Mood Board 
    • Material/Finishes Selection 
    • Furniture Selection with dimensions or links 
    • Accessories/Decoration Pegs with dimensions or links 
    • 3D model (If available) 
    • Quick Sketches with dimensions 
    • Site photos for reference 
    • Number of Views needed / Preferred Stand Point

  • Who are your typical clients?
    Clients who usually avail our services are interior designers, architects, and occasionally home builders and furniture manufacturers.

  • How much does it cost?
    This varies from project to project. Each project is vastly different from one another. Prices vary a lot depending on the level of customization and complexity of the design. Our proposals are based on the workload we undertake and on our client’s requirements. We do not have a fixed rate but we can provide a ballpark price. If you’re looking for a more tailored quotation for your project, you can send us your project files via e-mail.
  • What is your turnaround time (TAT)?
    The turnaround time varies from project to project as well. The more “realistic” the render is expected, the more time it would take. Interior rendering scenes take longer to model and render than exterior scenes. It has more assets, has lots of textures, lots of light sources, and lots of light bouncing which takes more calculation and time to render.

        TL: DR = Interior Rendering Time > Exterior Rendering Time

        For your reference, 3d modeling and rendering typically take 3-5 days per 1-2 images.

  • How many revisions do I get?
    The project rate is always based on the actual workload that you need me to do so each rendered view is inclusive of two (2) minor revisions only. Exceeding revisions or changes after the quotation has been made (i.e., floor layout changes, furniture changes, changes in camera angle, change of mood or light direction, etc.) will incur an additional charge of $25/hour. Please note that any revisions that has been made outside of the quotation will affect the turnaround time (TAT).
    If you still need to polish your design while having it visualized, you might want to opt for a per-hour contract.

  • What is final the resolution/pixel size of the renderings?
    2500 pixels x ___ pixels (Depending on your preferred image orientation). If you need a higher resolution, please inform me at the beginning so I can adjust the project rate.
  • How will I receive the files?
    The files will be sent via e-mail. If the files are large, we will send a separate download link.
  • What type of files can we final production in?
    Any image files (.JPG, .PNG, .PDF, .TIF, etc.)
  • Can you send me the 3D model?
    Yes, let me know before we start the project so I can include in it the project rate.
    All communications must be done via email for the record.

A 50% down payment is required before proceeding with Phase I. The final payment of the remaining balance shall be paid upon completion before you receive the files without watermarks.



At the moment, we only accept payments through PayPal.



I’m based in Manila, Philippines (UTC +8h) but I work across time zones. My working hours are from 09:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. so communication won’t be a problem.

I do 3D modeling in Sketchup which most Interior Designers use and VRay for rendering. I use Adobe Photoshop for post-production. I’m also exploring other 3D modeling and rendering software.

Simple and geometric pieces with little to no embellishments start at $15.